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Tuzla is the new FutureA location!

Minister Damir Gazdić arranged a meeting with representatives of the organization Out of Area-Future from the Netherlands. The organization has declared its willingness to organize the Kids Festival in Tuzla in 2024. The representatives of the organization from the Netherlands, William Bos and Larissa Poeijer, spoke with Minister Damir Gazdić about providing support to the organization of the Festival. The Festival is scheduled for May 31, 2024 in Trg Slobode in Tuzla, with the participation of 150 volunteers from the Netherlands who would organize a series of creative workshops for children and young people. The festival is held in several other cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Canton of Tuzla will, in accordance with its capabilities, support all activities of interest to Tuzla and the Canton of Tuzla.

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