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In 1999, the Nuenen Spektakel Foundation was founded with the aim of organizing activities for the residents of Nuenen, including events such as Nuenen Culinair, The Neighborhood Competition and the Summer Spectacle (Beach Volleyball and Beach Football). These activities were organized in the context of the Millennium festivities. Due to the great success, these activities were also organized after the Millennium Change. In 2001, the Nuenen Spektakel Foundation was renamed the Bosnian Children Foundation and started to focus on the well-being of these children in the former war zone. Previously mentioned events in Nuenen were given the character of a fundraising event. The next step was to rename the Bosnian Children Foundation into the Out of Area Foundation. This happened in 2002 and the reason was that the Foundation was also committed to helping people with disabilities and the elderly. In addition, it was foreseen that in the future the activities would not be limited to Bosnia-Herzegovina alone.


The Out of Area Foundation currently organizes project trips for Dutch students. Together, schools are renovated, playgrounds are built and educational projects are realized. This is done for schools, institutions for people with disabilities and retirement homes in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia. On average, approximately 1,500 Dutch students/pupils experience a meaningful experience in this way each year. With 35 projects per year, these activities make a significant contribution to the well-being of those in need in the countries mentioned. One of the projects is the Festival for primary school youth in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Sarajevo Kid's Festival

From 2002 onwards, the 'Game without Borders' was one of the regular parts of Out of Area's annual programme. A group of 60 people visited 3 different locations in 1 week. The Game Without Borders was organized there. This was also the case in 2003. In 2004, the Game Without Borders was renamed the Summer Festival. In addition to sports and games, workshops (educational and creative) were also offered. This turned out to be an even greater success. In 2005, Out of Area was approached by ViaKult; a Bosnian organization that organized an annual Kid's Festival in Sarajevo. The collaboration started in 2005 and the festival grew into a household name in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the years that followed. The festival was organized in the former Olympic Stadium Zetra and had more than 50,000 visiting children in its heyday. The children came from all over Bosnia and were recruited through sponsored buses to Sarajevo.


From 2013 onwards, the number of children visiting each year decreased. The reason for this was the fact that less and less money was made available for running buses. In 2015 we moved to a smaller accommodation; Skenderija. There were a minimum number of buses running that year. After the festival, the Out of Area Foundation urged that more sponsorship funds be used in the future to allow children to come to the festival. Viakult saw no reason for this and intended to continue in the same way. The goal of the Out of Area Foundation

is to reach as many children as possible and was forced to take a different path.



From 2016, the Out of Area Foundation has been organizing the FutureA festival. In 4 cities, children will be treated to an afternoon of fun. By coming to the children, the distance for the children becomes a little shorter. Due to all the other school projects that have taken place over the years, we believe that the turnout for these festivals will be large. In short, the old idea in a new guise.

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